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It’s commonly said that everything is bigger in Texas….big cars, big rims, big houses, but hip-hop's reputation in Dallas has yet to live up to its Texas-size potential. When you think of hip-hop, cities like Brooklyn, Atlanta, Chicago, and Compton immediately come to mind. Dallas music is often characterized as catchy dance music driven by a hot beat, but lacking any real depth. Rexx Parker’s music defies the stereotype. 


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Rexx was a sheltered kid stuck in the house all the time, so he immersed himself in everything hip-hop. He gained knowledge and appreciation for music at all ends of the spectrum, but found influence most in conscious artists like Common, Nas, and Andre 3000. Eventually, he began spending all his spare time writing 16s and making beats (coining the name "the beat machine" by his classmates). His interest evolved into a real passion and at the age of 19, Rexx began emceeing.


Rexx Parker will finally bring recognition to Dallas as a legitimate platform for hip-hop. He manages to fuse conscious lyrics and ear catching beats seamlessly, which has yet to be achieved by other Dallas artists. His lyrics stimulate the mind while the beats excite the body. Rexx has depth in love and life from experiencethrough growthbut not without struggle. All those things come together in his lyrics, which combine thoughtful wordplay, impressive delivery, and relevant content


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His ultimate goal as an artist is to influence lives for the better with his God-given talentHe is driven by His purpose above all else. His talent, vision, and dedication to put Dallas on the map are undeniableAs he grows in life and music, he will take his city with him. Hip-hop lives in Dallas. Rexx Parker is proof.



Join Rexx Parker at Beats By Her Live! Grab your tickets HERE.