Dallas' very own Asha Childs is purpose personified.

Childs' appreciation for art and and music began as a student a Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. It was at "Arts Magnet" where her passion for music grew to new heights.


Asha Childs Beats By Her 
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During those four years, she immersed herself in various piano and vocal training. Following graduation, Asha attained a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy and a Masters in Special Education. Both degrees have provided her with the opportunity to boldly live out her passions: MUSIC & TEACHING.


Neighborhood? Downtown Dallas

Your current musical inspiration? Tweet. Her vocals are effortless, her songwriting abilities are versatile, plus she is an amazing guitarist, which many aren't aware of. She can harmonize like none other all while starting and ending a run in any given key. Vocal perfection in my eyes. 

tweet beats by her dallas

How would you describe your fashion style? I wear whatever I want to wear in the moment and 9 times out of 10, it has a hint of black or green. I like to showcase my back art because it is my personal story that I carry with pride!

Asha Childs Beats By her
The biggest challenge you face in pursuing your musical career?  Accepting all the "NOs" and tirelessly trying numerous ways prove to others that I am worth the "YES". Nothing has ever come easy so I appreciate every opportunity, but I also have had to be aggressive and create a lot those opportunities too.


What's the best advice you could give a new and upcoming artist? Don't focus on what everyone else is doing or how far they appear to be in their artistic journey. Trust the process because every journey is different. Make sure your craft is solely a reflection of you.


Where can we find/buy your music? My debut project, Love911theEP, can be found on all digital music stores, streaming outlets, and on my website. CD's are also available for only $5. Intimate Exposure LIVE is available on SoundCloud and on my website as well. 

asha childs beats by her

See Asha Childs at Beats By Her Live! Grab your tickets HERE.