kourtlynn faith dallas beats by her


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Neighborhood:  Currently, I live in Deep Ellum and I love, love, love my neighborhood! I moved down here because you feel so much positive energy when you’re walking through the neighborhood. I feel so connected to the people. There are so many artists and musicians which makes it easy to create relationships. It's hard to come to Deep Ellum and not feel like you belong.

mary j blige beats by her

Your current musical inspiration? I've been listening to a lot of Mary J Blige, specifically her albums from 2005 and 2007. Her music feels like you're having a conversation with your best friend, and she makes me feel like a strong woman. Listening to a lot of Charlie Wilson, Jill Scott and Brandy too. I'm really into old school positive, feel good music. 

How would you describe your fashion style? When it comes to fashion I try to keep it as simple as I can. My wardrobe pretty much consists of black, white, and grey t-shirts, jeans, and workout clothes. I wear the same necklace and bracelets every day. I like to dress up, but in my opinion, less is always more!

kourtlynn faith dallas beats by her

The biggest challenge you face in pursuing your musical career? Putting myself out there. I have easily over 100 songs I've written and about 30 of them I really love, but I always get cold feet when it comes time to put them out because the song and the work I put behind it is so personal to me I'm afraid to let it go. Social media is also a difficult thing for me. It's just a necessary evil. Today it feels like there is a pressure to post certain things at the right time with the right hashtags and the right captions to capture people's attention which in turn can cause a loss in authenticity. I never want to get caught up in "social media fame." I just want to be known for what I do in music and for people to just hear my voice. However, social media is a great platform to use to be heard, and it's something I struggle with balancing. 

What's the best advice you could give a new and upcoming artist? The best advice I could give to a new and upcoming artist is to just stay true to yourself. Be authentic in all that you do. Be inspired but don't mimic what has already been done. If you don't truly live and feel what you're doing, people will see through that. Take your time, have fun with it. Don't put so much pressure on yourself because when you do what you love, everything else will come. Don't allow anyone to take you away from your dreams. I've learned from experience that time waits on no one and before you know it, it'll be a year later and you'll still be in the same place. If you truly love music, that's all that matters. 

Where can we find/buy your music?  I'm currently working very hard on my new EP titled "rock bottom" I've started over about 50,000 times haha, but I've got the ball rolling and I'm shooting to release it late summer. It'll be released on all platforms Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.

See KOURTLYNN at Beats By Her Live! Grab your tickets HERE.


kourtlynn faith dallas beats by her