BBH Presents...M3CCA

Currently based in Houston and Dallas, M3CCA sings, performs, and creates visual art with a mission to celebrate life, spread love, peace, unity, and fruitful knowledge of self awareness to the masses. Creation and art is the light that carries the world and this fresh young artist is a shining light for the world to see.

M3CCA Dallas Women In Music Beats By Her


How would you describe your musical style? 
Galactic hip hop soul
When did you discover that you wanted to become a performer/artist? 
I've wanted to be an entertainer since the age of five when I would sing around the house and come up with corny songs.
How would you describe the Dallas music scene?
Very complex but I appreciate the fact that the city has a central area for artists such as Deep Ellum. 
When it comes to style, what would we find in your closet right now? 
Something cultural or something hella 90s and baggy
If you could choose an artist (here or passed) to perform with, who would be your selection?
If Prince was still alive I would love to perform with him, I love him so much! He is still a legend and a driving spirit in music! Hopefully one day I'll perform with his hologram. 
Prince Beats By Her Dallas
What has been a highlight on your musical journey so far?
Holding my own listening party for my upcoming project Fruittape. That was the moment I realized that I had a lot of support and love; it showed showed me I definitely need to keep going and I have no reason to create an excuse for myself to quit.
What challenges have you faced?
Through my music, I speak about my challenges as a young woman overcoming depression and insecurities from bullying when I was younger. I like to use my music as a way to uplift young women and men to overcome those problems and understand that those days will pass and soon become obsolete. One of my songs called "insecurity blankets" speaks about this. The song has the mantra "it's the beauty of it all," because once we learn to love ourselves more we will see all the issues and pain of the past will not make us or break us; we will see beauty in the struggles of everyday life. 
Advice to new artists just getting started?
Be yourself, network, and embrace where you're at right now. In this very moment even if it's not where you want to be! 
What can we expect to see from you in 2017?
Fruittape pt. 1
More visuals
More music 
And oh yeah graduation! 


See M3CCA live on 2/15 inside the beautiful Foundation Room. Grab your tickets here.