Beats By Her Featured Artist: Endia Monè

Name: Endia Monè

beats by her

IG: @endiamone

How would you describe your sound?

EM: My sound is described as a hypnotic fixation empowered by Neo Soul; I want to bring the “feel good” 90s R&B music back.

Who influences your music?

EM: I am strongly influenced by my mother Angela Lewis who also exhibited the same drive and passion that I have for music. She too was a singer who had a voice like an angel. I remember on several occasions listening to some of the greats with her like Yolanda Adams, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross. My mother would sing to me as a child to calm and soothe me. Due to the recent passing of my mother, I work hard to instill in my music her teachings and the influential artists she loved to listen to. My mother has influenced my tone and style of music. She was my number one supporter and her spirit still lives on with me and today.

 Your thoughts about the Dallas music scene?

EM: I believe the Dallas scene is underrated and bombarded with rappers. There are a lot of talented artists, but not many platforms to showcase singer songwriters. I would like to see more unity from different genres of music.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in 2017?

EM: I am currently working on my first mixtape, "Alter E Go”, which I plan to release in February.  I am also working on my EP album which includes my debut single, "My Place".  You can expect to a see a growing and evolving artist capture the attention of those seeking to be fulfilled with the sound of real music. Please stay tuned and follow my journey.

See Endia live at the Foundation Room on 1/18! Purchase tickets HERE.