Beats By Her Featured Artist: Simone Gundy

Finally stepping into her own as a performer, Simone Gundy is ready to make Dallas/Fort Worth as well as her newly adopted Houston family proud.You may recognize her from Season 11 of NBC’s The Voice where her unforgettable vocal range skyrocketed her to the Top 20. Since 2009, she's performed at several local theatres, sang on the high seas with Royal Caribbean, gave the Los Angeles life a sample and now in 2017, she’s come full circle and ready to share her music with the world.

simone gundy beats by her

NAME: Simone Gundy

IG: @simonegundy

How would you describe your sound? 

Soulful, powerful, full of emotions.

Who inspires your musical style?

I want the attack of Nina Simone, with the smoothness of Natalie Cole, and the intricacies of Ledisi; they are some of my favorites along with the other greats of course like Whitney Houston, Erykah Badu and Anita Baker.

Your thoughts about the Dallas music scene? 

Dallas as a whole is on the rise. It is becoming its own self sustaining force much like Houston, Atlanta and other big cities. People are starting to realize how much of a hub Dallas is for undiscovered, extremely underrated, and diverse talent.

simone gundy beats by herIf you could meet any female artist in the world  who would it be and why? 

Whitney Houston. I would want to talk to her about poise, performance etiquette and just remaining yourself as much as possible through all the changes that can happen as an artist in the industry.

What can we expect to see from you in 2017?

My first EP “Love is ___" heads up it’s all about Love lol…all kinds of love hence the blank. I want people to listen to it and fill it in with whatever moves them when they hear it.