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Genre: Dance/Pop

I started singing at a very young age, traveling every weekend from the age of 12 and on. I performed in many shows across Texas. Some people don’t know this but I started out singing country music. I didn’t explore other genres until I was 17. I have over 10 years of training with multiple vocal instructors and worked hard, stretching my voice to 4.5 octaves on my own. Music is what I live for and I will never let it go.

My Inspiration: I’ve had many musical inspirations. One artist I’ve always looked up to is Christina Aguilera. She is always moving forward and lets no one step in her way. She is such a strong person and very inspirational. I’m also inspired by her mentor, Etta James.

Personal Style: As an aspiring artist my weight and the confidence to be myself and comfortable in my own skin has been a struggle. I recently went through huge changes in my personal life by having Gastric Bypass surgery. I was unhappy with my self image and it affected my everyday life including how I treated others which led to depression. I could never love anyone to the fullest because I was so consumed by what I thought were my faults. This is an ongoing struggle with many people no matter what size you are. Acknowledging this struggle, I feel has changed my entire outlook on life and made me a stronger independent woman.

The Future Looks Like: It’s a “Secret”. Follow me on social media to find out what my next move will be. : )